EasyCore has a large network of customers from all over the world with its capacity to produce various types of transformer cores.
With state-of-art slitting lines, cutting lines, stacking tables, testing laboratory and a large stock of different grades of high quality electrical steel, EasyCore has the ability to produce distribution transformer cores from 25 KVA to 6 MVA and power transformer cores from 6 MVA and above

We produce all types of transformer cores.

We are at your service for the core solutions you need.

Why EasyCore?

We have been in the transformer industry for more than 25 years with international know-how in production and sales.

Being located in 3 countries, you can have the fastest access to ready stocks, which enables us to minimise delivery time.

EasyCore is in contact with international transformer producers in all segments. Our clients enjoy the comfort of being served with an informative and solution-focused approach.

We are ready to create solutions and serve for any quotes demanding transformer cores.

Our factory is functioning under the “CO2 free” production protocol with international quality documents of ISO.

The machine line of “EasyCore Steel” is the state-of-art technology that can plan and produce for different needs and business partners.

Our ready stock capacity is wide enough to accept and produce faster.

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